Felt by Function
Anti Vibration : Felt's fibre structure and resilient nature make it an ideal choice for vibration absorption
Sound Absorption : Reduces sound transmission and absorbs sound naturally, and has been used as both a functional and decorative sound barrier
Polishing & Buffing : Felt holds fine particles well and maintains its integrity through wear
Oil, Air & Liquid Filtration : Voids in the felt material trap and holds particulate matter extremely well, while withstanding long term exposure to water, oil and chemicals
Dust, Oil & Grease Seals : Adjust to contours and retain its compressibility over extended periods of time
Packaging : Felt of various densities can be used for packaging, from "low tech" void filling to "high end" cushioning
Lubrication and Wicking : Voids in the material act as reservoirs and pass liquids through in a predictable, consistent manner.
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